About ME

ALL Original Faux Design

Hello and Thank you for stopping by. House Painting in Cypress a lot as of late . A touch of Tuscany Faux Finishing in Cypress is awesome. Depth is the key to a true beautiful marble finish.

I'm The Only Painter You Need.

I offer full interior exterior painting. I'm a walls and ceiling specialist 3rd generation painter. This is my chosen field of expertise. My Father was Baylor College of Medicines Master Paint Foremen for 26 years. I was a pro painter at age 14. My very first house was Michael E. DEBakey  heart surgeon. At age 18 I went to work for Baylor, I was trained during his last seven before he retired. I do it all folks scratch to finish lite Home improvement's in Cypress to House painting in Cypress .I make walls and ceilings beautiful. A touch of Tuscany bladed textures, smooth blade or Adobe trowel dual overlays with faux. My Dad taught me all I know. I'm the last of his 3 sons. I've been painting for over 40 years now. I work for myself by myself now, no crews. I'M Tony Brown and I want your business .

I Can Only Offer You My Best

I use top brand paints ,mix my own glazes. I give my Clients the best products around. I have my standards when it come's to Home Improvement's. I look forward to quoting your project enjoy my Galleries. Shoot me an email .