I'm Juan A. Brown

ALL Original Faux Design

Hello and Thank you for stopping by. House Painting in Cypress a lot as of late . A touch of Tuscany Faux Finishing in Cypress is awesome. Depth is the key to a true beautiful marble finish.

Faux finishing in Cypress, or Painting in the Woodland's, Let's make your dream room a reality!!

 I'm a native of Houston north side started painting at age 14, professionally .For 12 year's now this business has provided for me and my family. I'm a third generation painter. If it can be painted I can paint it. I'm trained in every facet of Home and Estate care. Interior painting, Exterior painting. I'm a small business just me. I've developed this business for personal client's.That when I work for their estate ,my client's never have to worry about all their personal's being rifled through. Houston I don't run crew's I do all the work personally from scratch if need be. I learned every skill I know from basics for high end while performing a 7 year Apprenticeship at Baylor College of Medicine right after high school in the 80's. Home improvement is a passion My hand's are my money maker's not media with a brush and roller, spray rig, I can spray it all or brush and roll over forty plus year's now, painting has been my passion among other trade skill's Home theater surround sound installed right along with painting . I have a Honey Do's website as well that site is working but is in progress for all my extras. I have learned a lot in my forty years of service in Houston.

I Can Only Offer You My Best

I use top brand paints ,mix my own glazes. I give my Clients the best products around. I have my standards when it come's to Home Improvement's. I look forward to quoting your project enjoy my Galleries. Shoot me an email .