Tony Brown

ALL Original Faux Design

The problem with this industry is the willingness to steal other peoples looks. With that being said I push forward in pursuit of new, and original finishes that no one else has. I don't want to discourage you at all. If you have an idea that you got from a magazine or tv run it by me. We can make your house a home.

A little about myself

I'm a native of North side Houston. I started painting professionally at 14. I'm a third generation painter. If it can be painted I can paint it. I'm trained in every facet of Home, and Estate care. 

I don't run crew's. I do all the work personally from scratch. I learned every skill I know from basics to high end re-finishing while performing a 7 year Apprenticeship at Baylor College of Medicine. Home improvement is my passion!

I Can Only Offer You My Best

I use top brand paints, mix my own glazes. I have my standards when it comes to home improvement. I do all of my projects solo which tends to be cleaner, and more consistent. I look forward to quoting your project. Enjoy my gallery for a quick look at what I do.